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Barbados: Properties For Sale and Rent

Are you looking to purchase Real Estate in Barbados?  Whether you want to purchase land or a home or rent a property, Barbados is a premier choice and Key Realty will guide you through the process.

We at Key Realty offer our customers the best personalized service with a focus on providing good value for their investment.  We not only specialize in sales and long term rentals, but also list villas for rent. Barbados as a prime tourism destination attracts up-market tourists that can give you excellent rental income from your vacation property. 

Long term rentals for both Barbadians and expatriates are also a key part of our service. 

Key Realty's search facility will help you find real estate and short or long term homes for rent in Barbados' rental property market.  In your search for a property you may already have a particular parish or price in mind. Key Realty's easy access property search, at the left side of this page, gives you the ability to quickly locate your preferred location.